About Skipstone

Everything we do online today, we have done before offline. Sure we do things better and faster online. Yes, scalability is like never before and distribution is in real time, but we really don't do anything new.

There are things we do offline that the online world does not accommodate.

Our focus is to bring those things we do offline to the online world.

Skipstone is our best effort to introduce the brand representative, the salesperson, our "guy" that was there to assist us. This person has the product knowledge to know features and the benefits as they apply to us individually. They can answer questions with authority because they know the product or service inside and out. They are there for us before, during and after the sale.

Skipstone brings the scalability and the replication of effort we enjoy online to the brand representative. With Skipstone our expert is available 24/7/365 to deliver the correct answer, consistently, on demand and on any screen.

Troy Ontko

Troy Ontko

Founder & CEO

Katherine Mills

Katherine Mills

Director of Sales and Marketing

Kelly Hartman

Kelly Hartman

Sales Manager


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