The Top Interactive Video Software Solutions for Marketers

The current popularity in interactive video amongst consumers and brands has led to many companies exploring ways to add it to their marketing strategies. Consumers can equally benefit from these interactive video software through dynamic on-demand buying experience they really yearn for. Marketers, on the other hand, are able to get accurate and actionable data which is very crucial for the future performance of their businesses.

If you are a marketer looking to enrich your videos with tags, e-commerce and learning experiences, there are several online tools you can use to add interactive elements to your videos. Here is a list of the most popular interactive video software so that you can do a comparison and make an informed choice.


Adventr is a tool that provides the marketers with an interactive video platform to design, distribute and analyze interactive, viewer-driven video content. This is a tool that allows the user to drag and drop video clips to create a branching effect.


Vidzor is a platform for editing, publishing, and distribution. With Vidzor, you can create an interactive video without prior coding skills. This tool enables the user to add interactive elements such as hotspots, branching and much more. You can also share your final videos. Vidzor offers a free plan where you will be required to have a Vidzor logo on your video player. Alternatively, you can upgrade and enjoy an ad-free experience.


Wirewax is another video platform which empowers users to add clickable hotspots or ‘tags’ to all moving persons or objects in the video. The viewer is encouraged to explore extra content and opportunities to buy through these tags. One of the impressive features about Wirewax is its ability to transform any video into a connected, interactive video with very minimal effort.


Storygami is a tool specifically designed to help marketers make their online videos attractive by making them interactive. It increases audience engagement and retention by adding layers such as boxes, images and social media streams to online videos. Although brands have to pay for a monthly subscription to access Storygami services, the price is relatively low.


Verse is an interactive tool with impressive features which allows the user to add hotspots, branching, chapters, and slideshows to the videos. When using Verse, you can track views and in-video interactions using their in-built analytics tool.

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