Who we are:

Experience an enhanced, dynamic method of information display and delivery that fosters new levels of engagement for both participant and producer

What is Skipstone?

Skipstone is the patent-pending, interactive video platform that enables efficient and collaborative investigation of goods and services. Skipstone empowers both consumers and retailers to reach higher.

Why Skipstone?

We are on a mission to change how people engage and produce product videos. The way we see it, product and brand videos are broken. We feel people deserve to uncover more details about the goods and services they seek and brands deserve a better method to express their appeals and claims.

Who Does Skipstone Touch?

Consumers, retailers, and creative agencies. Skipstone is creating a paradigm shift in brand storytelling, through a groundbreaking video technology that empowers consumers to ask, engage, and understand like never before.

Interactive Futures 2020: What to Expect

Interactive Futures is a conference that was born in 2019, and it has instantly become one of the most popular gaming events of the year. It has garnered support from many huge names in the gaming industry, including Ubisoft Leamington, Playground Games, and Sega Hardlight.